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Application portfolio (Botanical Illustration Diploma)

What to include in your portfolio

You are required to demonstrate a pre-existing level of skill in drawing and painting, ideally botanical or plant in subject. There is considerable competition for places and initial selection will be through portfolio assessment (8-10 pieces) and your application form. The portfolio work should be close observational work in pencil as well as watercolour.

  • Please supply 8-10 examples of your work
  • The name of each file and creation date should be in the title of the file
  • Provide us with a link to your work


Publishing and sharing your portfolio

Please publish your portfolio to your own website or to a blog or photo sharing site such as Google Photos, Flickr, iCloud, OneDrive, Wordpress etc. Check you can access it using popular browsers such as Safari, Chrome or Firefox, without using a password.

Please do not:

  • share your portfolio through Facebook
  • share it as an attachment, via a file sharing website or any way that means viewers have to download files or plug-ins

Obtain some advice about sharing files if you're not sure. We have outlined how to use Google Photos below, however we are happy for you to make your portfolio available to use via your website or any other photo sharing service, provided we can view your portfolio easily.

Using Google Photos to send us a link to your portfolio

 (from support.google.com/photos)


  1. On your computer, open photos.google.com
  2. Sign in to your Google Account
  3. Upload up to 10 images of your selected artwork that you wish to include with your Application
  4. In the menu at the left, click Photos.
  5. On each photo or video that you want to share, click Select
  6. At the top, click and select Album > NewAlbum
  7. Enter an album title and click at top left. Title your album: [your name] RBGE application portfolio Dip BI
  8. When your album is complete, click Share
  9. Select Create Link
  10. Copy link and add to your application



Artwork by Isik Guner, copyright remains with the artist