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RHS Level 2 Certificate in the Principles of Horticulture at RBGE (Online)

APPLY NOW: Applications closing 31st May 2020.

Come and join us at the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh and study for the RHS Level 2 certificate in the Principles of Horticulture.

It consists of 2 smaller certificates: Certificate 1 is called "Principles of Plant Growth, Propagation and Development" and Certificate 2 is called "Principles of Garden Planning, Establishment and Maintenance".

Introduction to the RHS2 Course at RBGE

Introducing the RHS2 qualification at RBGE. Greg Kenicer presents

What does the course cover?

The RHS Certificate in the Principles of Horticulture is a great entry-level qualification. Whether you are starting a career in horticulture, or just want to take your love of plants and gardening further, this course gives you a broad-based understanding of horticulture, garden design and how plants work. Each of the smaller certificates contain 4 units, meaning the full RHS level 2 Certificate in the Principles of Horticulture contains 8 units. For more information on this qualification and the full syallabus go to the the RHS website.

Do I need any prior knowledge?

This is a stand-alone course and you do not need any prerequisites for the course (Level 1 is a separate practical qualification).

What are the study options?

You can study it with us in two ways tailored to suit your life, wherever you are in the world:

1. as an online course, starting anytime, studying either of the small certificates, or both.

2. attendance class at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) starting August

When can I start?

Applications will close on 31st May 2020. After applying and paying, we will enrol you within 3 working days.

How much does the course cost?

The full course costs £400 and each individual certificate if you only wish to study one costs £250

Do I have to do a lot of assignments/homework? How much time will I need to commit per week?

For this course we do not set compulsory hand-ins, although you are recommended to take advantage of the quizzes and activities provided. Although we offer support, resources and a structured approach to help you get the most out of the course and prepare you for the examinations, you will ultimately be self-directed in terms of the time and effort you put in to your learning. As such we do not state a set amount of hours-per-week that you will need to study. As a rough guideline you might want to allow between 3 and 5 hours a week, across about 40 weeks, to make sure you have covered all the topics well.

Can I view any sample material?

Yes, you can also look at a small part of the course by clicking on the 'Sample Course link to the right'.

What support is available?

A dedicated online learning team at RBGE are on hand to help you with any technical or syllabus related questions - we will always get back to you with 1 or 2 working days enabling you to progress quickly.

How do I apply?

You can apply using the online application form.

Do I have to sit the exams?

If you want to receive the qualification, you will need to pass the exams. There is no obligation to sit the exams though and you can study just for your own interest.

What other advice can you give me for learning this subject online?

This video explains the resources found on PropaGate Learning, how to get the best out of it and covers some study techniques too. Presented by Greg Kenicer.

Where can I get more information?

Please read the 2019/20 Applicants' Handbook for details including course content, structure and pricing. There are also further Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) which you may find helpful. Alternatively you can complete the form below to ask any further questions. You can apply now using our electronic application form, alternatively you complete the paper application form in the Applicants' Handbook. Applications  will be processed within 5 days.

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Please read through the Applicant's Handbook to find out more information.

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