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Student survey


We recently asked our students to complete a survey designed to gauge their IT skills and ask them about their experience of learning online with RBGE.

We were interested in how students' digital skills matched up to the skills required to interact with their online course, and how they felt the transition to online learning could be made easier. We found that more than a quarter of our sudents had needed to add to their digital skills in order to be able to interact with the online aspects of their course. The survey also showed that 36% of RBGE students felt that their digital skills had improved while studying for their online course.


 Improvements to digital skills were felt differently in the different learner age groups. Greater numbers of students in the oldest age range felt gains in skills but, perhaps surprisingly, around half of students in the youngest age group also reaped benefits.

When asked which factors had been most important in helping to improve their IT skills, most learners described help from their friends and families. Many also mentioned their own persistence. Course tutors and e-learning support staff were also important sources of help.

We are still analysing the data from the survey. Further findings will appear here soon.


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